KW2D Series RDIF Reader



The KW2D series is the ideal product for managing the "mode of safe operation" as specified in the ISO 16090 

With our secure RFID reader, you can manage user access authority to machines and devices, and prevent inadvertent operation and setting changes, thus reducing equipment malfunctions and failures. History inspections can easily be carried out when inspection details are recorded as electronic data and linked to worker data. Time and work details can be recorded on a touch panel or PLC to ensure reliable traceability. Thanks to the cards or tags available with the KW2D RFID reader, you can track entry/exit to work areas and benefit from a safer work environment for your workers. Data is sent when a card is read, which means that logs are recorded on the host device that track entry/exit, thereby preventing employees from being trapped or left behind in a work area.


  • Diam.22 mounting panel
  • Built-in RJ45 Ethernet port
  • Snap-on power terminals for safety and easy connection
  • Built-in LED and auxiliary buzzer
  • IP65/67 rated, water, dust and oil resistant
  • Designed to work on metal surfaces
  • Support for Modbus TCP server, EtherNet/IP adapter and CC-Link IE basic field slave
  • FREE configuration software tool
  • Accurate data collation and reliable data transmission
  • High level of reliability thanks to an embedded collating system
  • Self-diagnostic for checking the memory status every time the product is switched on
  • When communicating with the host device, the data is double-checked using checksum 




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