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PowerKey PRO Series - Modular customizable keypads



CAN Keypads in the PRO series are the only ones currently on the market that boast keys with removable inserts. PKP Keypads are available in two series with two different icon insert sizes. The PKP-SI series presents small inserts (15mm) and a compact design, while the PKP-LI series is designed with large, 24mm inserts that are easy to press, even while wearing gloves. The use of CAN bus protocols (J1939, CANopen, RS485) makes keypads in the PRO series perfect for both automotive and nautical markets

Blink PKP-3500-SI-MT Series
PKP-3500-SI-MT Series 15mm
PKP-SI Series
PKP-SI Series 15mm
PKP-LI Series
PKP-LI Series 24mm