Elements and components for Safety

Safety devices, such as interlock switches and emergency stop switches, and stylish operating switches are used in printing machines and machine tools.

Laser Scanner SE2L
Laser Scanner
Light Curtains
Safety Interlock
Safety Interlock
Interruptores de Habilitación
Enabling Switches
Emergency Stop


The new COVID SERIES takes into account the suggestions of the Ministry of Health, with regard to individual recommendations and labour relations.
Posters with safety requirements for workers, in different formats, sizes and materials.


WEAR FACE MASK WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY KEEP YOUR DISTANCE 1,5 METERS SNEEZE OR COUGH INTO YOUR ELBOW DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACEKEEP THE DISTANCE OF 1,5m BETWEEN ONE PERSON AND THE OTHERC A R R I E R S - You cannot enter the building but must remain outdoors - You should ring and wait for the arrival of the staff of ______________________ - You should maintain a distance of 1,5m from the staff of _______________________ - You should follow the instructions for how to sign the billSTAFF MAY BE SUBJECT TO TEMPERATURE CONTROLprotector anti salpicaduras covidcasco visera covid


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