Vending Machines

IEC Lock putlets and connectors

In many occasions the movement of a machine can cause that accidentally, this one disconnects of the electrical network, circumstance that can cause a great damage. To avoid this type of incident, there are IEC Lock bases and connectors, which take advantage of the central pin to ground to make it difficult to disconnect, which is why they are called lockable.

The great novelty is the new range of IEC Lock angled bases. We have received many requests about this layered version so as not to lose so much space and be able to place the machine next to the wall. These layered bases are currently available in both a fixed cable version and a rewired version.

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PIC Sensors 

The applications in vending or hotel and catering machines are innumerable: open door detectors, liquid level detectors, ...etc.
For example, in commercial coffee and tea machines, the number of cups served per day could exceed hundreds. When filling large volumes of orders, accuracy in the volume dispensed from the beverage is important, as a small mistake could lead to wastage of raw materials. To dispense the exact amount of coffee, tea, water or milk, these machines need to measure the volume by filling an internal tank and then use this reference to fill other cups. This is accomplished by adjusting the internal tank with a reed switch and float that detect the tank fill signal when the tank fills. This signal is used to activate a solenoid or pump that stops the main tank outlet and opens the secondary tank drain valve to dispense liquid into a cup.

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MEC Switches -pushbuttons under membrane

The advantage of this type of products with respect to other products is that if the membrane is cut, the pushbutton continues to work and the establishment does not have to stop serving the products of this machine.

For example, millions of these pushbuttons are used for McDonalds for this reason.

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Small gearmotors Johnson Electric

Leading manufacturer in the market of this type of engines, with a very competitive product. Currently we have achieved a decrease in MOQ (minimum purchase quantity), which allows us to access applications, which until now were difficult not to be a large niche market. Linear stepper motors
- Valves in coffee machines
- Heat Pump Water Valves
- In vending machines in the handling of beverage cups.
DC motor with planetary gearbox
- In ovens - Steamers. In the opening of the water tank.

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Metallic keyboards  APEM

Many times we are asked to install a machine in a really hostile place. Many times we wonder if it is worth it or not because the costs can be high (maintenance, displacement of operations, etc.).
For this type of situation Apem develops different solutions of metallic keyboards, equipped with different degrees of robustness.

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Thermal Switches LIMITOR

Detectors, temperature limiters and thermostats.
This type of thermal switches are used to control the temperature of water, steam, boiler, protection of winding in small electric motors, protection of primary windings in transformers, ignition of cooling fans, etc.....
Due to its small size, high reliability, location independence and the fact that it is completely maintenance free, a thermal switch is the ideal choice for perfect thermal protection.
The temperature detection is carried out by means of a bimetal disc which is dimensioned according to the required cutting temperature. When this fixed cutting temperature is reached, the switch opens or closes the electrical circuit of the device.

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Switches and Pilots APEM
We have the widest range of metallic push buttons and pilots.
Great diversity of colors and sizes, with and without illumination. Different power levels. Variety of models, from special pushbuttons to the most competitive models.
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