Transportation Sector

Componentes electrónicos para el sector transporte

Ermec, part of the Omega group, has one of the largest stocks in Europe of a wide range of components specifically designed for the transport sector. Reliable and durable products, resistant to vibrations and with long-standing products.



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- Battery disconnect switches
- Ignition key switches
- Electronic battery cut-off relays
- Supercaps
- Distribution modules (option IP65)
- Fuse holder boxes
- Single-bolt connecting blocks

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You may be interested in this PDF technical article about how supercapacitors can be effectively implemented in electric vehicles (EV)
V4N microswitches for the railway sector

Subminiature microswitches with cross-bar technology, high vibration resistance, long life and high sealing rates.
The V4N range has been selected for position sensing applications in the brake valve unit (EBV) of locomotives, being used to accurately indicate the position of the handle.
Asimismo ofrecen una  solución fiable y duradera para cerraduras de puerta, sistemas de cierre eléctrico y finales de carrera.

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JOHNSON Solenoids

Solenoids are devices with an extremely high drive speed. They provide robustness, safety and a long life for the most demanding applications, including door locks, automation and security in mobile elements.

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EATON Supercaps Modules

Eaton's supercapacitor modules provide energy storage for high power and high load/unload applications. They can reduce the size and weight of the battery or replace it completely. This results in  fuel savings, high vibration resistance, noise reduction and/or a more stable electrical system. Operating voltages from 16V to 64V with integrated cell balancing

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ERNI Connectors

ERNI offers a wide range of connectors for different vehicle applications. The extensive range includes components for battery management systems and power electronics, headlight systems and other applications such as assistance and safety systems.

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Relays with forced guided contacts

ELESTA is a leading Swiss manufacturer of relays with forced guided contacts. The wide range of relays and their corresponding sockets and modules are suitable for any application requiring a safe and reliable response.

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Productos complementarios
Panel Switches Ø16mm and Ø22mm

The IDEC LB/LBW range consists of push buttons, switches, key switches and selectors. They are available with extensive options for personalisation in terms of both shape and materials, as well as IP65 waterproofing.

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Emergency Stops IDEC APEM

APEM-Idec offers a wide range of E-Stops categorised in a variety of sizes, shapes and features that perfectly fit all your project needs.

More info: Pulsadores-e-Interruptores/ Interruptores-de-paro-de-emergencia
APEM AV push buttons Ø30

A wide range of metallised buttons are available. Robust and aesthetic in a wide range of sizes, with and without lighting. Tested and qualified in terms of impact resistance and waterproofing, IP and IK levels.

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Photo-realistic prints for MEC buttons

MEC has a new printing technology that allows photo-realistic customisation of Mec's PCB push buttons. This new feature complements the wide range of personalisation of MEC's printed circuit board buttons.

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BULGIN connectors

Bulgin is a specialist manufacturer in the design and manufacture of circular power, signal and data connectors. Their high waterproof rating (up to IP69K) and high vibration resistance make Bulgin connectors ideal for transport applications.

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Rocker Switches FNR

Exceptional sealing rocker switch, especially suitable for demanding environments. Circular in shape (22 mm diameter) and with integrated LED resistors, it can be easily mounted and installed on a control lever.

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