LD6A Series

LD6A Series
New Ranges of Signal and Indication Products for Control Applications
Manufactured by IDEC, the LD6A and HW1Z are ranges of signal and indication products packaged in an ergonimic, modern and complementary designs. 
With over 50 years of experience, thes  IDEC products all include the latest technologies and design with the UL, CSA, TUV and CCC recognition
Background – LD6A Signalight Towers:
Designed for safety, these light towers have an extensive range of features that provide awareness of machine-safety within industrial and non-industrial environment.
As a warning device against hazards, the importance of light towers are growing and this range delivers a stylish solution.
* Up to 5 tiers with a stylish & compact elliptical body
* 5 mounting styles
- Direct mount, Pole mount, Wall mount, Frame mount and Pole mount with L-shaped bracket
* Illumination: Steady (non-flashing).  (Flashing and buzzer types.)
* High bright LED illumination, available in: red, yellow, green, blue and white
* Up to IP65 protection.




No of Tiers: 
1 1 Tier;
2 2 Tier;
3 3 Tier;
4 4 Tier;
5 5 Tier;

Mounting Style: 
G Frame;
W Wall;
D Direct;
P Pole *;
K Pole **;

Blank Steady;
Z Steady, Flashing,Alarm;

Housing Colour:
B- Dark Grey;
W- Light Grey;

LED Colour: 
R Red;
Y Yellow;
S Blue;
G Green;
W Pure White;

Lens Colour: 
Blank Same as LED;
C Transparent;