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Mec Customer Solutions

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 Costumer Solutions, DESIGNED by MEC

Although MEC offers a large standard product selection, your customer may occasionally want something different designed specifically for their product. MEC has helped customers develop 18 new unique caps in 2018 alone. The applications covered different industries like automotive, medical and joysticks for machinery.
Sometimes the request can be just different front panel dimensions or total height, but have also been caps with different surface requests like blind dots or double curve surfaces. There have also been requests for solid non-illuminated caps together with illuminated laser marked caps with grey hard paint that had to match in the front panel.

       mec custom 

What we offer? 

The customer can get help from the design concept to a finished product, including embellishment with different technologies to ensure the perfect legend. We also offer 3D printed prototype caps if requested by the end-customer, before we start the production of the injection molding tool.
We include the customer every step of the way and guarantee that the cap functions smoothly with the switch.
MEC is located in one facility in the suburbs of Copenhagen, allowing for quicker communication between departments and flexibility throughout the development process.

       mec custom 

What is required from you?

The customer's vision of the final product is important. It can be measurements, like the height from PCB to the back side of the front panel, a rough sketch or a 3D-file with the outline of the cap. It is important that the customer has established what requirements are required and what can be left to the creativeness of our design engineer.
When this is in place, MEC will take full responsibility of the manufacturing and delivery of the requested custom solution.