The new NZ - series of compact switch joysticks
The NZ Series is a very simple addition to the broad APEM product line, bridging the gap between joystick and switch. 
The NZ Series can be supplied with a half sealing boot to mimic the look of a toggle switch or with a full sealing boot to more readily appear like a joystick. 
The NZ Series can be supplied with no harness allowing the user to make their own connections with traditional cables and soldered joints. 
The NZ Series may also be supplied with a tail connection, pre-fitted by the factory to provide a quick method of connection. 
Functionality is MOM-OFF-MOM on each axis. 
The NZ Series may appeal to a wide range of applications : 
• Menu navigation of a computer based menu system. 
• Simple machine controls where the joystick controls a single speed or direction 
• Where two functions can be combined into one joystick 

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Product no.: MS42N0DY001E

MS42N0DY001E;MS Series;Mid-size Hall effect joystick;Handle:Stock Grip;Front buttons: None;Top Buttons:None;Side Buttons:Deadman;Limitor Plate:Slotted;Spring Tension:Standard;Output options:0.5V to 4.5V;Additional Options:Environmental Sealing






Product no.: 8BE1CX4500

8BE1CX4500 Joystick Apem; Serie 8000; Axes: 2; Switching: Two Axes, Single Pole; Center Detect: Fitted; Limiter: Cross; Handle:Two pushbuttons Tactile; Circular Bezel;






Product no.: 100-350
Apem CH PRODUCTS; RS DESKTOP; USB desktop joystick; Three axes Hall effect joystick; 12 bit resolution; USB interface; Ergonomic design for left or right hand use; Six tactile pushbuttons;
Product no.: HF44R10
HF44R10; APEM HF Series; Hall effect joysticks; Handle: 1 Pushbutton (3 Axes); Limiter Plate: Round; Mounting: Drop-in; Output Options: 0V to 5V (Rail to Rail);
Product no.: MS55W00R0010D
MS55W00R0010D; Apem joystick MS Series, Mid-size Hall effect joysticks; Handle: Low Profile Square Front (3 Axes); Front Buttons: Two; Top Buttons: None; Side Buttons: None; Limiter Plate: Round; Spring Tension: Standard; Output Options: 0.25V to 4.75V - Sensor 1, 4.75V to 0.25V - Sensor 2; Additional Options: Dual Decode;
Product no.: HS6T24SA

HS6T24SA; Apem HS Series, Sealed 5-way switch based miniature joystick;

Product no.: 4P282F1E0100

4P282F1E0100; 4000-Series-Apem; Industrial resistive joysticks

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