Q22 Series with anodized colored bezels

Q22 Series con marcos de colores anoizados

Q22 Series con marcos de colores anoizados

APEM introduces the latest addition to the Q Series range of superior LED Indicators. The 22mm Q series indicators now includes red, green, yellow and blue flush mounted anodized bezels and are allied with the existing range of super bright diffused LEDs. The Q series range has been specifically designed to engage and excite design engineers and architects on new designs, while continuing to offer products that give an aesthetic quality and polished homogenous LED light output.


Distinctive features

- Anodized flush bezel 
- Low profile and lightweight 
- Super bright LEDs including standard blue, white, bi-color and tri-color options 
- Customized engraving available or select from a wide range of existing symbols 
- All voltage ranges 
- Fixed light or flashing light (only up to 28VDC) 
- Front panel sealed to IP67 
- All types of connection including 200mm, 22AWG (UL1007) wires