D-Sub series, TMC connectors, are primarily used as interface connectors. With five different pin counts and various termination types available, these connectors are found in almost all applications. ERNI has a comprehensive line of accessories for D-Sub connectors. Whether for easy assembly, different connection types, EMC, or interlocking, you will find innovative solutions from ERNI. Today's printed circuit board designs demand flexible and economic connector concepts. For our customers this means availability of a complete series with all connection technologies at an attractive price. For ERNI, this means the modularization of connector concepts, from design through manufacturing. The new D-Sub generation has been designed on this basis. They are available in male and female with different termination types, both straight and right angled. This new generation is fully RoHS-compliant.

PCB Connectors

D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-right-angle-female D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-right-angle-male D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-slimline-smt
Right Angle Female Right Angle Male Slimline Smt
D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-vertical-female D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-vertical-male D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-high-power-right-angle-female
Vertical Female Vertical Male High Power Right Angle Female
D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-high-power-right-angle-female-7W2 D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-high-power-right-angle-male D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-high-power-right-angle-male-7W2
High Power Right Angle Male 7W2 High Power Right Angle Male High Power Right Angle Male 7W2
D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-high-power-vertical-female D-Sub-Connectors-Conectores-Sub-d-high-power-vertical-male  
High Power Vertical Female High Power Vertical Male  

Cable Connectors

Cable-connectors-female-crimp-snap-in Cable-connectors-male-crimp-snap-in Cable-connectors-female-idc-discrete-wire
Female Crimp Snap-in Male Crimp Snap-in Female IDC-Discrete Wire
Cable-connectors-male-idc-discrete-wire Cable-connectors-female-idc-flat-ribbon-cable Cable-connectors-male-idc-flat-ribbon-cable
Male IDC-Discrete Wire Female IDC-Flat Ribbon Cable Male IDC-Flat Ribbon Cable
Cable-connectors-housings-for-female-power-contacts Cable-connectors-housings-for-male-power-contacts Cable-connectors-female-handsolder
Housings for Female Power Housings for Male Power Female Handsolder
Female Handsolder