Erni - Unidades de control Eléctrico de Vehículos

Erni - Unidades de control Eléctrico de Vehículos

Erni - Unidades de control Eléctrico de Vehículos
Central electrical systems for commercial vehicles
ERNI Electronics introduce the BLUEcontact line of central electrical systems. 
Developed using the company's extensive expertise in pressfit technology, 
these central control and supply units set new standards in terms of shock and vibration resistance. 
Ensuring reliable and compact connections with high current load capacity, 
the BLUEcontact line is ideal for the commercial vehicle sector, 
where a reliable connection with the simultaneous use of high currents is particularly important.
Characterised by low power dissipation and high robustness against thermal and mechanical stress, 
typical applications for the BLUEcontact series include ABS, control units, display units, 
alternators, radio systems, and accessories.
The compact central electrical systems of the BLUEcontact series currently comprise the following modules: 
Standard module with 16 ATO fuse sockets; standard module with 11 ATO fuse socket, a mini 
fuse socket and a mini relay socket; standard module with 9 ATO fuse sockets and two mini 
relay sockets in addition to a standard module with two maxi fuse sockets and two maxi relay sockets.
Operating over a temperature range from -40 °C to + 85 °C, all modules are suitable for 12 and 24V 
applications and feature dimensions of 102 mm x 60 mm x 36.8 mm. The power is supplied via power element 
sockets with supply currents of up to 100 A, while the fuse sockets are designed for standard ATO fuses. 
As an option, the modules can also be supplied already equipped with relays, fuses and/or miniature 
circuit-breakers, free-wheeling diodes, etc.

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175265 Sistema eléctrico central para vehículos comerciales

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175259 Central Electric Units of the ERNI - CE Units 9 ATO fuses, 2 mini relays

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175263 Central Electric Units ERNI - Standard module with 11 ATO fuses, 1 mini fuse, 1 mini relay

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175261; ERNI Central Electric Unit Standard module with 16 ATO fuses

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