TKTE 512.G.11/30.K4.A.-.P.20.U; Encoder absoluto univuelta TKTE de Italsensor

N.º de producto: TKTE 512.G.11÷30.A.-.P.20.U

TKTE 512.G.11/30.K4.A.-.P.20.U;


Assembly: Default;

Steps: 512 steps/turn;

Code: Natural Gray code;

Voltage supply: +11V+30V;

Protection class: IP64 (EN60529);

Shaft: Diam.6mm;

Electrical connections: On axial cable gland with cable 1-6m long;

Output circuits: PNP open collector (positive logic);

Options: Up/Down selection in counting direction (incremental - decremental) depending from rotation direction;


Single-turn absolute encoder with an extremely compact design 50 mm diameter and max. resolution 13 bit represents a good compromise between price and performance (low-cost version), suitable for heavy- duty and generic industrial applications ((aluminum body and housing).

Available also in programmable version (resolution, type of output code, optional inputs). Customizable in mechanical structures of shaft, flange mounting, connection and electronics such as code generation output with structure different from the standard, customized firmware upon customer request even for small quantities. Available with output interfaces: parallel NPN PNP, PUSH-PULL and synchronous serial interface SSI.


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