DG85A - Relés Durakool

DG85A - Relés Durakool

N.º de producto: DG85A-2011-96-1012


Contact number & arrangement: SPST-NO (1 Form A); SPDT (1 Form C);
Contact material: AgNi0.15, AgNi90/10, AgSnOInO, AgCdO;
Max. switching voltage (DC): 30VDC (current dependent - see Figs 5 & 6 ); DG85F 24VDC;

Max. continuous current(SPST-NO): 40A;
Max. continuous current(SPDT-NO/NC):40A/30A;

Max. switching current - make(SPST-NO):120A;
Max. switching current - make(SPDT-NO/NC):120A/45A;

Max. switching current - break(SPST-NO):40A;
Max. switching current - break(SPDT-NO/NC):40A/30A;

Min. switching current: 0.1A 12VDC;
Contact gap: >0.5mm; Initial contact resistance: <100mΩ, max. at 0.1A/6VDC;


Rated voltage(DC): 6...24V;
Must release voltage: ≥0.1Un;
Operating range of supply voltage: See coil table 1;
Rated power consumption (DC): 1.6W; 1.81W with resistor; DG85F, 2.3W;


Insulation resistance: 100MΩ at 500VDC, 50%RH;
Dielectric strength
coil to contact: 500Vrms, 1min;
contact to contact: 500Vrms, 1min;

General Data Operating time (typical)(mS): ≤ 7mS;
Release time (typical)(mS): ≤ 2 mS;
Electrical Life(ops): 1 x 105, 5 x 104 (DG85F only) (see Note 2);
Mechanical life(ops): 1 x 107, 5 x 105 (DG85F only);
Dimensions (L x W x H): various - see dimensional drawings;
Weight: 40g approx. depending on style and mounting;
Ambient temperature:
storage: -40 to 155°C;
operating: -40 to 125°C (at nominal coil voltage - see Coil Data, Table 1);
Shock resistance: Functional: 20g 11mS; Destructive: 100g;
Vibration resistance: DA 1.27mm 10-40Hz / 40-70Hz:5g / DA 0.5mm 100-500Hz: 10g;


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Relé Durakool DG85

• General purpose automotive or industrial relays
• High inrush capabilities
• PCB Mounting option
• Ideal for DC Motor Control
• High continuous DC current capacity
• Industry standard size and footprint
• DG85F optimised for 24VDC switching
• RoHS Compliant
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