Italsensor - TKW6161.M.2.=.S.K4.10.S07.=.X529

Italsensor - TKW6161.M.2.=.S.K4.10.S07.=.X529

N.º de producto: TKW6161.M.2.=.S.K4.10.S07.=.X529

Optical incremental Encoder
Bidirectional with collar
Hollow shaft

Encoder Italsensor Tekel TKW6161

Assembly: with anti-rotation spring
Pulse Rate: 2rpm
Voltage Supply: =
Output Frequency: up to 50kHz
Protection class: IP64 (EN60529)
Shaft (deep 25mm): diam.10mm
Electrical Connections: on 7 pins axial MIL connector
Custom: X529


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