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Référence: encoders-para-eolicos
Référence: TKW6161.M.2.=.S.K4.10.S07.=.X529
Encoder ITALSENSOR; Optical incremental Encoder;Bidirectional with collar; Hollow shaft; with anti-rotation spring;2rpm; up to 50kHz; Protection class: IP64 (EN60529) ; diam.10mm; 7 pins axial MIL connector; X529;
Référence: TSW80P.=.L.1024.5.S.K1.10.PL10.LD2-5
TSW80P.=.L.1024.5.S.K1.10.PL10.LD2-5; ITALSENSOR - TEKEL OPTICAL INCREMENTAL ENCODER; TSW80P SERIES; Assembly: Standard; Operating Temperature: max.85ºC; Pulse Rate: 1024; Voltage Supply: +5V+-5%; Output Frequency: from 0 up to 200kHz; Protection class: IP 54(EN60529); Shaft: diam.10mm (H7)(bushing reduction); Electrical connections: radial cable gland with 1m long; Output Circuits: protected 5V Line-driver output against short circuit;
Référence: TK2561-Bicoder

TK2561.FRE.1024.5.S.K4.11.==.LD2-5. + TK2561.FRE.1024.5.S.K4. 11.L10.LD2-5X406; Italsensor Tekel Bicoder

Référence: TISP581.FRE.xxxxx.5/30.S.K6.11R.R2.LD2-530


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