Miniature Incremental Encoder

Miniature Incremental Encoder

The ELESTA GmbH develops and produces a modular, 3-channel, miniature optical encoder system which may be of special interest for you as a manufacturer of complete rotary encoders. This system is characterized by an extremely small installation volume and a very low power consumption of 4 - 6 mA.
This encoder system consists of a sensor with connector cable and a code wheel. It can be easily integrated and the print design as well as the pin assignments can be customized.


ELESTA Miniature Incremental EncoderEncoder miniaturaELESTA Miniature Incremental Encoder

  •  Incremental optical encoder 
  •  Unique code wheel design
  •  High precision reflective system 
  •  Low current consumption
  •  Easy assembly
  •  Very compact mounting form
  •  High immunity to positional tolerance between code wheel and sensor
  • Supply voltage: 3V...6V
  • Supply current*: 2mA...6mA 
  • Output short circuit current: max. 30mA 
  • Output drive current (at 4.5V):  typ. 5mA 
  • Speed: 24‘000RPM
  • Frequency typ.: 1‘000kHz
  • Signal rise/fall time (RL1=1kOhm, C=47pF): typ. 300ns 
  • 3 channels: A,B,Z
  • Signal output CMOS/TTL
  • Duty cycle for A and B: 50%+-5%
  • Phase between A and B: 90ºe+-5ºe
  • Burst (EN-61000-4-4-): +-1kV
  • ESD (EN-61000-4-2): +-4kV/+-8kV
  • Isolation values: on request

Mechanical Specifications

  • Code wheel diameter: 4.4mm;
  • Code wheel thickness: 1.1mm;
  • Resolution (code wheel lines): 128;
  • For shaft diameter: 1.5mm;
  • X,Y position tolerances: max.+-0.2mm;
  • Distance code wheel/sensor :0.2mm...1.2mm;