Enclosures IDG-A

With its slim design, the installation housing IDG-A is suitable for applications in building automation. This enclosure has been designed according to DIN 43 880, providing the dimensions and specifications required for installation component standards. Conforming to VBG 4 and IEC529/DIN VDE 0470-1, the IDG-A prevents accidental shock and injury while meeting the requirements of the automation industries. This new housing enables users to incorporate a top horizontal pcb or three horizontal pcbs. The top horizontal pcb is ideal for holding signalling devices/ indicators and switches. Fully populated, the terminal blocks have a maximum of 12 screw clamp terminals. For applications not requiring all 12 I/O positions or requirements for additional internal space, selective loading may be done, with empty positions being filled with blind plugs.

  • Installed width of 17.5+0.5 mm 
  • Dimensional size per DIN 43 880, size 1 
  • Mountable to DIN rails meeting DIN 46 277 and DIN EN 50 022 (35mm)
  • Ease of assembly due to snap-together design 
  • up to three horizontal PCBs 
  • Two terminal blocks (one left, one right), each with two sets of three positions (may be custom-loaded) 
  • Blind insert may be utilized in-place of terminal blocks for maximum space utilization 
  • 2 cover versions: grey cover or grey cover frame for clear hinged face plate (for access to switching components) 
  • Customer-specific colors and designs available upon request








Enclosures IDG-A