Enclosures IDG-B

IDG-B enclosures are manufactured completely from plastic material and are therefore fully insulated. They fulfill the modular packaging conditions required by existing standards like DIN 43880 (Built-in equipment; overall dimensions and related mounting dimensions). The enclosures have different installation widths ranging from 35 mm to 157 mm. IDG-B enclosures are designed to snap onto a DIN-rail (EN50022) with a clip, which is pre-assembled on the bottom of the base part. The different versions of the top part allow the use of standard screwterminal -blocks. One version is suitable for print-terminal-blocks and another version is able to adopt pluggable-terminal-blocks for which pin headers are soldered onto the printed circuit board. Custom designs concerning colors can also be offered. The upper side of the top part can be modified with cut-outs for specific connectors, light-guides for LEDs, displays, rotary switches etc.. The transparent front cover protects e.g. displays from being touched and switches from accidental manipulation. Also a printed label can be used behind the cover or the top part can be printed directly with multiple colors.

  • 4 installation widths: 35 mm IDG-B2, 70 mm IDG-B4, 105 mm IDG-B6, 157 mm IDG-B9
  • Overall dimensions per DIN 43 880, size 1
  • Mountable on DIN rails acc. EN 50 022
  • Various termination options:5.0/5.08 mm terminal blocks, 5.0/5.08 mm pluggable terminal blocks, Closed (without terminal blocks) Transparent front cover protects displays and control devices
  • DIN rail clip pre-assembled on base part
  • Custom design available upon request (MOQ)








Enclosures IDG-B