Enclosures LDG-A

The LDG-A series of enclosures are fully insulated enclosures. The screw clamp terminals are protected against accidental contact in accordance with VDE 0100 Part 570, VDE 0160 Part 100 and VBG 4. Designed for easy installation, these screw terminals can be soldered by wave, allowing the manufacturing of the PCB boards in one step.

  • LDG-A-12, max. 12 screw clamp terminals
  • LDG-A-14, max. 14 screw clamp terminals
  • LDG-A-16, max. 16 screw clamp terminals
  • LDG-A-30, max. 30 screw clamp terminals
  • LDG-A-46, max. 46 screw clamp terminals
  • LDG-A-70, max. 70 screw clamp terminals
  • • Snap-in design for fast end assembly
  • • Complete assembly of the unit outside of the housing before end assembly
  • • Robust self locking vibration proof terminal block screws
  • • Protection against accidental human contact
  • • Transparent cover for LED indicators
  • • Suitable frame inserts for pluggable standard connectors
  • • Base parts with and without ventilation slots
  • • Base part metallized
  • • Compact and attractive design
  • • Wall and DIN rail mountable








Enclosures LDG-A