Enclosures LDG-S

The LDG-S serie of enclosures are fully insulated enclosures according to the specifications of the machinery and the automotive industries. Designed for easy snap-on assembly onto DIN-rails by integrated snap-on clip. These enclosures facilitate economical device assembly with optimal utilization of space. For the termination of the conductors of the cable 2 enclosure versions are availible: - pluggable terminals for easy servicing and exchange (commercial pin headers on the pcb. - screw terminals for a fixed termination of the conductors. For effective heat dissipation the LDG-S enclosure features a base part with integrated ventilation slots. Closed versions (without ventilation slot) are availible upon request. 

  • • 2 installation widths: LDG-S2: 22.5 m,m LDG-S4: 45 mm
  • • Options for the termination of the conductors:
  • LDG-S2: 4 screw terminal blocks with 4 terminals each or 4 pcb headers with 4 pin contacts each for connecting cable cnnectors with 4 pins
  • LDG-S4: 8 screw terminal blocks with 4 terminals each or 8 pcb headers with 4 pin conacts each for connecting cable connectors with 4 pins
  • • Easy snap-on assembly on DIN-rails according to DIN EN 50 022
  • • Easy assembly of the enclosure achieved by snap-in design of the two base part and the top part
  • • Transparent housing cover with the option for a label
  • • Customized colors and versions upon request








Enclosures LDG-S