MicroCon 0.8mm

ERNI MicroCon Connector 0.8mm

As an innovation leader, ERNI continues the success story of compact and robust SMD connectors with the MicroCon series. These are miniaturized double-row Finepitch connectors with a grid dimension of 0.8 millimeters and available with different numbers of poles from 12 to 100.

They are predestined for demanding industrial applications and make no compromises when it comes to robustness and reliability. The Blind-Mate pre-centering with increased catch range ensures secure plugging, while the reinforced outer walls of the multipole connector allow a high degree of robustness.

  • miniaturized, compact design
  • straight and angled connectors
  • many pincounts available
  • variable PCB spacings possible
  • cable connectors with insulation displacement terminations
  • a high degree of reliability
  • dual beam spring contact design
  • good contact, wide contact area
  • shock-, vibration-, heat-resistant
  • high holding force on printed circuit boards






ERNI MicroCon Connector 0.8mm