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Cable assemblies with ERNI Connectors

ERNI offers a comprehensive range of finished cable assemblies to meet your individual requirements including trimmed cables, crimped contact terminals, and complete wire harnesses. Our focus is on assembling cables utilizing solder-free connection technologies of Insulation Displacement Connections (IDC) and wire crimping. We assemble ribbon wire and discrete wire assemblies with diameters from 0.05 to 1.0 mm2 [18 – 30 AWG] and offer fully automated, semi-automatic, and manual cable assembly depending on your need of prototypes, pilot series, or large-scale production.

  • Single sourced cable assemblies and connectors
  • Quality through full process validation
  • Modern production equipment
  • Specialized connector systems
  • Good price to performance ratio
  • International Automotive Task Force (IATF) certified production

ERNI’s cable assemblies are used in many applications such as automation, data, drive systems, medical, and aerospace technologies. One of our key areas is manufacturing for the automotive industry: Wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies are used in headlights, electro-mobility controller applications and in battery management.






Cable assemblies with ERNI Connectors
Cable assemblies with ERNI Connectors