HE6B-M211Y - HE-Series-IDEC; Enabling Switch / HE series, rectangular

Código do produto: HE6B-M211Y

HE6B-M211Y; HE-Series-IDEC; Enabling Switch / HE series, rectangular shape 29x16 mm, 2 x 3-pos. Contact, 1 x monitor switch, yellow rubber boot, pack of 10


HE6B Model; 
Contact Configurations/Nr.of Contacts:
3-position Switch: 2;
Button Return-Monitor Switch ->: 0;
Button Depress/Monitor Switch ->:1;
Color: Yellow;


Key features:
• Ergonomically-designed OFF-ON-OFF operation.
• The switch does not turn ON while returning from position 3 (OFF) to position 1 (OFF)
• IEC 60204-1 (2005), 10.9
• IEC 60947-5-8 (2006), 7.1.9*
• Some teach pendants are equipped with two 3-position enabling switches, and when
one switch is pressed to position 3 (OFF), the other switch must not enable machine
operation even when pressed to position 2. Machine operation can resume after
both switches are released. The monitoring switches monitor the OFF status of the
3-position enabling switch, whether the button is returned to position 1 or the button is
pressed to position 3 (monitor switches have direct opening action mechanism.)
• Two contacts are provided in a 3-position enabling switch so that even if one contact
fails, the other contact will still disable machine operation.
• The waterproof rubber boot provides IP65 protection.




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