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LF1D / LF2D Series

Product no.: LF1D/LF2D Series

Water, dust, oil-proof LED illumination units in slim and compact housings. A variety of sizes and light distribution angles for various sizes and types of machine.

Conventional LED lighting has issues such as distracting LED grains, multi-shadows, and reflections of the light source on metal objects or hairline texture. LF1D / LF2D's uniform light emitting face has less LED grains and reduces light source reflection/multishadows.

IP67F* degree of protection is achieved with an oil-proof gasket and IDEC's unique design. 
Can be used in environments subject to water and dust.

High-quality connection is achieved with a removable direct plug-in terminal block and spring clamp connections, allowing the user to detach the cable from housing.
Installation and replacement are made easier.

Durable polycarbonate or reinforced glass options
Surface or recessed mount options
No glare, shadows or strip effect
Phoenix Contact M12 Quick Connect available




For small to middle size machines

LF1D-EN / LF2D-EN (Uniform light source / Slim model)
・350 to 389×50 to 80mm
・To light machine tool tips and objects with high luminance.
・Reduced reflection of light source
・Standard / Diffused light distibution models available

LF1D-FH / LF2D-FH (Wide model)

・270 to 308×75 to 105mm
・To light inside the machine brightly and widely.
・Brightly lights target objects and periphery

For miniature machines

LF1D-C (Mini model)
・100×50×25mm compact size
・Brightly lights machine tool tips and inside small machines
・Wide 120° light distribution

LF1D-H / LF1D-J (Long model)

For large machines

LF1D-H / LF1D-J (Long model)

・365mm- / 510mm- long models available
・Optimal choice to replace fluorescent lighting of the entire area inside large machines.
・Wide 120° light distribution

  Ilumination Color Cool White Natural White
  Total Luminous Flux, lm 560 1530 1260 1540 2000 3000
  Color Temperature, k 5700 4700
  Reference luminence at 1.0m, lx   180 1800 1500 560 840
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