IHS Series

Apem IHS Series

The IH Switch version (OFF-MOM) is designed to withstand a high number of cycles and repetitive jogging.  Ideal in applications where positioning the load is critical, including material handling, loaders, lifts, trucks, buckets and shovels and other applications requiring continuous operations.
  • Eight actuator colors
  • Operating force: 6 N ± 2N
  • 5 million cycles
  • Hall Effect sensors for long life
  • IP67 sealing
  • Low behind-the-panel depth

Apem IHS Series

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Código do produto: pulsadores-de-salida-proporcional
Código do produto: IHLR0155F2

IHLR0155F2; IHL-Series-APEM; Hall effect pushbutton switches - bushing Ø 12 mm - linear

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