Custom Membrane Panels

Custom Membrane Panels

Membrane switch panels are made of several layers of polyester printed and assembled together. They allow to create a custom human-machine interface at a reasonable price with low investment cost.

custom membranecustom membranecustom membrane  


  1. Tactile feedback: integration of snap domes with different forces
  2. Visual feedback by integration of LEDs
  3. Key embossing
  4. Indestructible marking printed on rear of upper polyester layer
  5. Sealing up to IP65/IP67 and resistance to salt spray
  6. Long life: up to 1 million cycles
  7. Connection and output interface: choice of connector and pitch.
  8. Entirely customizable graphic design
  9. Choice of all other elements
  10. Reduced space requirement (thickness of some mm)
  11. The most affordable control system


Since 1984, APEM has acquired experience and has qualified many materials and techniques allowing to meet a great diversity of applications and needs in the following sectors:

  • Medical
  • Industrial automation
  • Material handling
  • Agricultural machinery

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