10R Series

10R Series

10R/10RF/10RM Sealed Switches

30mm round caps with a low total height of 11mm. 10R has a slightly rounded top, 10RF has a flat top and 10RM has a flat top with a metal plate that leaves a 1mm rim. Optional sealing provides IP67 from front panel

10R10R/10R Pulsadores-para-satisfaccion-del-cliente_m

  • ø30mm
  • 10R - slightly rounded top
  • 10RF - flat top with slightly sharper edges
  • 10RM - flat top with a metal plate (for legend) that leaves a 1mm rim.
  • Standard solid cap colours: blue, green, grey, yellow, white, red and black
  • Standard transparent colour: frosted white 
  • Optional parts:
  • Spacer 10RY - improves activation and sealing functionality (necessity dependent on front panel thickness and design considerations)
  • Sealing is only necessary when front panel sealing (to IP67) is required
  • The cap series is designed to be flush with the front plate to give a neat and aesthetic look.
  • The cap series provides many options regarding illumination. As LEDs need to be placed on the PCB to have an even illumination, it is easy to customise your design.
  • There is full illumination with frosted white 10R and 10RF caps, and legend illumination with either reverse-printed 10R and 10RF or metal legend on 10RM.
  • 10R/10RF/10RM cap series is based on Multimec 5G series switches..




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