PZ Series

PZ Series

With a 10 million lifecycle due to movement free activation, the PZ series, a piezoelectric  keypad is intended for applications requiring high reliability.  Due to its closed surface, the PZ series keypad is sealed up to IP68, preventing the ingress of liquids and other contaminants. It can be installed on a washable surface and is ideally suited for medical or food industry equipment.The PZ series can be front or rear mounted and its flush keys and aluminum face provide a neat smooth surface and sleek aesthetic. Standard marking from 0 to 9 and */# is available and can also be customized on request.


  • 10 million cycles
  • Front or rear mounting
  • 12 keys
  • IP68 sealing
  • Custom marking on request


  • Number of Keys: 12 Keys
  • Material: Aluminium natural anodized;
  • Mounting
  • R Rear mounting
  • F Front mounting
  • Marking
  • S Standard marking
  • C Custom marking
PZ Series
PZ Series

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