Ethernet Series

Bulgin Standard Series Ethernet Connector

Bulgin Standard Series Ethernet Connector
Rugged and reliable sealed RJ45 connectors that provide high performance Cat5e Ethernet connections in harsh environments. Our sealed industrial Ethernet solutions help to provide high speed data connections and protect the integrity of your data transmissions in the most challenging of environments. Tried and tested, the Standard Buccaneer is one of our most popular waterproof circular connectors in the industry today.
IP67, IP68 and IP69K rated, these waterproof circular RJ45 connectors are ideal for harsh outdoor applications and have been designed into a wide range of markets such as Industrial, Automotive and Marine; setting the gold standard for dust and waterproof Ethernet connectors.
  • IP68 rated
  • IP69K, Tested in accordance with DIN 40050/Part 9 IP6k9k
  • Cat 5e or Cat 6a compliant
  • PUR / PVC jacket on cable
  • Shielded system
  • Cat 5e or Cat 6a shielded coupler
  • Shroud on RJ45
  • Screw coupling
  • Rewireable flex connector
  • PCB mounted panel connector
  • IDC termination panel connector
  • Earth lead version of panel adaptor
  • EN60068-2-52 Test Kb Salt Mist (Cyclic)
  • Marine Severity Level 1
  • Dust and waterproof sealing when mated
  • Data rate up to 100MHz
  • Good chemical resistance, flame retardant
  • High noise immunity and EMI protection
  • Maintains shielding
  • Protection from abuse and mis-mating
  • Secure, proven locking system
  • Ability to ‘field’ terminate
  • Direct PCB mount panel connector
  • Simple termination
  • Continuous screening of panel mount connector