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• Accurate and easy adjustments
• Good adjustment repeatability
• Gives economical advance
• Enables dynamic monitoring
• Saves space in products
EM-236 Interface unit is made for adjusting and copying adjustments of Electromen driver devices and for
monitoring dynamic values during drive.
EM-236 enables the searching of the right settings and adjustments for the aplication, and after that these
settings can be reliably loaded to other units.
EM-236 is handy in instrumentation and allso a simple tool in production.
The use in short:
After the driver unit is powered the cable from EM-236 with red "Micro Match" connector is connected to the
driver unit, (Notice the hole in board for polarity tab). The display of interface unit wakes up and after some
anouncements it is ready to load up parameters from the target driver (Load&Edit), if there is need to edit, the
values can be changed with + and - buttons. Then the parameters can be saved with 2 seconds push of the
"2sec. save" button. If the operation of the driver is OK. the red connector can be connected to the next driver
and with a push of "Copy to device" button the same parameters are loaded to the next unit and to as many
units as the user desires.
Supply: 3-6V / 30mA
Baud rate: 9600b/s ±10%
Display: 2x16digits, LCD
Memory: 5 slots, each can store
one set of parameters.
Lead lenght: 180mm
Measures: 90x60x20mm
Weight: 100g

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EM-282; DC-motor controller 12-42V 100A; high current output EM-282; DC-motor controller 12-42V 100A; high current output
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