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Emergency Stops | Ermec

IDEC uses distinguished approach towards the design and manufacturing of its emergency stop switches which has made IDEC a leader in the E-Stop market. IDEC offers variety of E-Stops categorized by various sizes and features which are best suited for your unique project needs.

X6 Series Ø16mm
X6 Series - Ø16mm
XA Series ø29mm ø40mm
XA Series  Ø14-Ø29mm
XW Series - Ø22mm
HW1B Series
HW1B Series - Ø22mm
YW1 Series
YW1 Series - Ø22mm
EU2B Series
EU2B Series - Ø30mm
XN Series
XN Series - Ø30mm
Info: "Safe Break Action"
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