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Safety Grips - Enabling Switches




Safety Grips - Enabling Switches



Image Features Degree of Protection

HE1B Series


HE1B 3-position enabling switch to avoid hazards. Ideal for installing in teach pendants and other enabling devices. IP40

HE1G Grip Switches


HE1G Ergonomically designed grip style enabling switch with two 3-position enabling switches. IP66

HE1G-L Grip Switches


30PG The distinctive tactile feedback makes it easy to know the current position of the switch. Light operating force ideal for long-hour operation. IP66

HE2B Enabling Switches


HE2B Multi-contact 3-position enabling switches Ideal for installing in large teach pendants. IP65

HE2G Grip Switches


HE2G Compact, light-weight grip style enabling switch provides a comfortable hold.  

HE3B enabling Switches


HE3B Rectangular operator part with ?16 mm mounting for easy installation. 2-contact 3-position enabling switches ideal for installing in small teach pendants. IP65

HE5B Enabling Switches


HE5B Round-shaped operator for ?16 mm mounting hole. 3-position enabling switch with two contacts, ideal for installing in small teaching pendants. IP65

HE6B Enabling Switches


HE6B 3-position enabling switch with monitoring contacts. Smallest in its class. IP65




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Référence: HE6B-M211Y

HE6B-M211Y - HE-Series-IDEC; Enabling Switch / HE series, rectangular

Référence: HE3B-M2PY
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