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SGR Series Relays

SGR 282 Z (2CO) sensitive Serie SGR282 ZK

The SGR282 ZK series includes two classic 2-pole relays with forced guide contacts in accordance with  IEC 61810-3 (EN 50205) with changeover design and a pitch of 5.04 mm. An extruded coil design is also available for use in ATEX areas.


SGR 282 Z (2CO) sensitive Serie SGR282 ZK Var1 / Var2

The SGR 282 ZK series, a classic 2-pole relays with forcibly guided contacts in accordance with IEC 61810-3 in 1 NO and 1 CO design and a 5.04 mm grid. The extrusion-coated coil design is also suitable for use in ATEX areas.