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Bulgin antibacterial

Antimicrobial switches from Arcolectric

Arcolectric, represented by Ermec, specialist in the manufacture of switches, pilots and fuse holders for all types of applications, has developed, together with BioCote Ltd, a new version of switches with anti-germ protection. 

This is a new technology based on silver ions which, when applied to the switch, inhibits the growth of micro-organisms on its surface by up to 99.9%, thus creating a safe and hygienic environment.

The protection is practically total against microbes, bacteria, mould, viruses,...

The BioCote technology does not in any way affect the aesthetic, electrical or mechanical characteristics of the switch/pushbutton itself. All products are regularly tested and validated according to the ISO 22196:2007 standard by an independent quality control laboratory.

This type of switch/pushbutton can be very interesting for applications in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratory equipment, electro-medicine and any equipment where environmental hygiene is an important factor.


Arcolectric is already applying this new technology in five of its switch ranges:

8300 SERIEs

8300 series8300 bulgin

Rectangular push-button switches.
12.9mm X 19.1mm-19.8mm Panel cut.
15mm X 21mm Bevel.
Maximum Range 16A 250Vac.
Momentary or interlocked action.
Solder terminals or PCB.
Illuminated options.

8500 SERIEs


Miniature rocker switch
- Single or double pole
- Cutting panel 19.3 x 12.9
- 15A 250VAC Maximum capacity
- High Inrush Tolerance
- Illuminated or not illuminated

6050 SERIEs


Splash Resistant Rocker Switches- Double pole
- Panel cut 30.1 X 22.2mm
- 20A 277VAC Maximum capacity
- Illuminated or not illuminated

1500 - 1300 SERIES


High input current tolerance rocker switch
- Single pole
- 16A (150A Inrush) 250VAC Maximum capacity
- Double or single actuators
- Panel cut 27.3 x 12.3mm

1550 - 1350 SERIES

High input current tolerance rocker switch
- Double pole
- 16A (150A Inrush) 250VAC Maximum capacity
- Simple actuators
- Panel Cut 27.2 x 22.3mm



Protective covers
Panel sealing washers
Blind plate
Connector housing
Terminal link