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Motor Controllers

Motor Controllers

Electronics for Stepper Motors

Driver Boards

Type Samotronic101 Samotronic102 Evaluation-Kit 2    
Dimensions (mm) 55x40 84x54 metal case 164x130x45 (Euro-PCB)    
Characteristics small unipolar driver
small bipolar driver

flash controller
optional customised
tool for development, test and optimisation
of stepper drive systems

windows-based software
quick parameter setup
visualisation of speed and position
positioning sequences capability
Height for unipolar motors for bipolar motors for unipolar and bipolar motors    
Supply voltage (V) 10-24DC Standard version 10-24 DC

Enhanced version 10-42 DC

3-48 DC

24 AC

Motor current constant voltage drive constant current drive
(chopper controlled)
adjustable via
constant voltage drive and
constant current drive
(chopper controlled)
Internal slipping clutch full/half step full/half step full/half/micro step    
Clock source internal or external internal or external internal, programmable    
Page inhibit internal clock
inhibit motor current
change direction of
inhibit internal clock
inhibit motor current
change direction of
3 digital inputs
4 signal outputs
1 analog input 0… 0 VDC
1 relay contact
Page via DIP-switch potentiometer via DIP-switch potentiometer RS232, USB    
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Product no.: EM-M19
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