DIP Switches

DIP Switches

DIP Switches

IKE Series; DIP switches, SMT or through-hole; 



The IKE DIP switches are designed for reliable operation with raised actuators, self-cleaning wiping contacts and gold plated terminals.

Available in even and odd pole numbers, surface mount and through-hole PCB mounting.

• Overall height from PCB : 3,80 mm ;

• Raised actuator ;

• Even and odd pole numbers ;

• Self-cleaning wiping contacts ;

• Gold plated terminals ;

• Process compatible - withstand IR reflow soldering ;

Models with recessed actuator and tape available on request. 




IKN Series; Low profile DIP switches, SMT or through-hole

Low profile 
• The lowest case available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole versions 
• Reduction of the shadow effect in IR soldering 
• 30 % reduction of component volume
Surface mount models 
• Designed for reflow soldering 
• UL 94-V0 high temperature materials 
• Tin plated terminals 
Through-hole models 
• Same thermal specifications as SMT models, allowing mixed soldering process
Washable by construction 
• Process compatible - withstand IR reflow soldering 
• Moulded-in terminals 
• Ultrasonic-welded case 
• Two slots on case corners allowing removal of protection tape 
Reliable contacts 
• Anti-crush system on moving contact 
• Bifurcated self-cleaning sliding contacts 
• Positive detent actuation 
• Recessed slide actuators with positive detent preventing accidental actuation 
• Good visibility of actuators : black slide on clear background
Surface mount models 
• Tape and reel (1.000 pieces per reel) - IC tubes 
Through-hole models 
• IC tubes
Typical Applications
Telecom, computers, test equipment, security and instrumentation.

NDS-DP-DA Series; Standard, piano or right angle DIP switches

Distinctive features
Single pole single throw standard, piano and right angle style DIP switches available up to 12 positions. Raised or recessed actuators and available with process compatible top tape seal.
• Standard, piano and right angle models 
• 2 to 12 positions 
• Top tape sealing option
NDS series : standard DIP switches (NDSR : recessed actuator and NDS : raised actuator) 
DP series : piano DIP switches (DP : short actuator and DPL : long actuator) 
DA series : right angle switches with raised actuator

IKD Series; Low Profile - Through Hole or SMT


Distinctive features
Self Cleaning wiping contacts
Gold plated terminals
SMT Gull wing or J bend
1 through to 12 poles
Process compatible IR reflow and wave solderable 
Typical Applications
 Telecoms,computer hardware, test equipment, security and instrumentation. 

IKH Series; Surface Mount half pitch DIP switches - very low profile



Distinctive features

The very low profile IKH DIP switch is designed for reliable operation with very small PCB space requirement. Process compatible (withstand IR reflow soldering) and washable (tape seal standard).

• 1,27 mm (.050) terminal to terminal pitch 

• Overall height from PCB : 1,6 mm (.063) only 

• Very small PCB space requirement 

• Process compatible - withstand IR reflow soldering 

• Washable (tape seal standard)